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    Haunted Campus
    Hamilton College was one of the most prestigious colleges in USA, but that was 10 years ago. It wasn't anything about the studying programs, they were always great and there were only high quality selected professors that spread their knowledge unconditionally, giving everything for their students but it was something about certain supernatural happenings that change the way of everything there.

    It was all great at the Hamilton College until some strange shadows were noticed there, shadows of people that walk along the halls of the college. But they weren't people with shadows, just shadows... The students were terrified by those sighs that walked around and threatened them to leave the place immediately or their lives would be endangered. It was so strange for the students to live with those shadows; actually it was unimaginable so some of them left the college after their first encounter with the thread.

    It was exactly march 13th, 2004 when the college's management board brought a decision to close the college and completely leave the campus. 10 years no one has visited the place but our ghost hunters were thinking about it all the time and finally they have decided to go there and see what's going on, what is the mystery about those walking shadows. They actually need your help to find as many proofs for the existence of the ghosts at the Hamilton College. Maybe this place will gather again students instead of suspicious shadows...


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    Haunted Campus

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    Genres: Scary | Mystery
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    Published on: 18.07.2014
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