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    The Haunted Grave
    Alchemy is a powerful and significant philosophical tradition. The practitioners of this philosophy, from antiquity, declared it to be the precursor to profound powers. There are few concepts that make the base of alchemy and have varied but in history have usually incorporated one or more of the next objectives - the creation of the fabled philosopher's stone; the skill to transform base metals into the noble metals (gold or silver); and development of an elixir of life, that grants youth and long life. It is interesting that this philosophy also played a great role in modern science since Alchemists actually developed a structure of basic laboratory techniques, theory, terminology, and experimental method, some of which are still used today.

    Jim Carson maybe is not an alchemist himself but he is completely involved into one story related to alchemy, that has been passing in his family from generation to generation, for three centuries. The story is about a haunted grave that supposedly hides a great secret. According to the legend, this grave belongs to a very powerful alchemist who took his final notes to his grave. The story also says that the person that will find these notes will find out the secret of making gold from almost every material he touches, the great alchemist skill.

    Following the stories that circle in his family, Jim Carson has been looking for the location of this grave for 10 years. After so many years, he finally thinks that is on the right track, finding coordinates that lead to this place. He is there at the moment and he needs to be very careful, because this place looks like it has a lot of traps.


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    The Haunted Grave

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    Genres: Adventure | Mystery
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    Published on: 29.08.2014
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