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    Secrets of the Vatican Palace
    There are numerous stories about the origin of the holy bible, this canonical collection of texts sacred in Judaism and Christianity. Actually there is no single 'Bible' but several Bibles with varying subjects. The term Bible is shared between Judaism and Christianity, even though the subjects of those collections of canonical texts are not the same. Various religious groups consist of distinctive books within their Biblical canons, in different orders, and at times divide or unite books, or include extra material into canonical books.

    However, there are numerous mysteries related to the 'real' bible. The thing is that during the years this holy book goes from hand to hands and many times it was changed somehow, some parts were added, some removed, resulting with several different versions. It could be said that those versions include a different philosophy; maybe some things are hidden in order to hide some big secret, some big truth... It is believed that in the secret rooms of Vatican is hidden the Secret Bible, which is actually the original bible with all of its gospels. However, because of unknown reasons, some of the gospels are omitted from today's bible.

    In the game you will meet our seeker of mysterious artifacts who is determined to sneak in the Vatican Palace and steal the secret bible, with an aim to show it to the world. Since someone is trying to hide the truth for so many years, you may imagine how big the risk of showing those things to the public is! Let's be brave and see what will happen.


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    Secrets of the Vatican Palace

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    Published on: 17.11.2014
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