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    Christmas Star
    Christmas and New Year holidays are coming which means the magic related to those dates becomes near too. The first sign that those holidays are coming are usually the decorated shop windows that shine amazingly, waking up inside us a feeling of happiness, a feeling of magic. Those decorations, together with the decorations on the streets, are usually inspiring us to decorate our homes too, making us feel that those holidays are something really important. And even if those stories related to Christmas and New Year are not true, they somehow give us hope for something better, as our wishes really come true on those days...

    People start decorating their homes, and the Christmas trees are inevitable part of the decoration. In this game we will sneak into one house where we can see that the people that live there are almost at the end of decorating. They have made their Christmas tree look amazing but it seems that there is one thing missing – the star that stands at the end of the tree. This star is very important detail for this family.

    It has been was transferred from generation to generation for so many years so now they are all nervous why they can't find it?! They are all worries that this long tradition could be discontinued because of someone's inattentiveness or maybe someone has stolen the star? Let's help this happy family find the wishing star and have a wonderful Christmas, without any worries.


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    Christmas Star

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    Published on: 08.12.2014
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    All comments (6)
    19racerlady (11 months ago):
    Beautiful Christmas scenes...thank you
    BluAngel (3 years ago):
    Love it too! 6-2017
    Annamarie (3 years ago):
    love it
    Djrhj (5 years ago):
    The games don't come up
    ittybittymama1 (5 years ago):
    I really like playing all the games that I've played so far... I just wish that we could playing the games longer and finish them ... They have wonderful graphics !!!!
    cls22446 (5 years ago):
    BEAUTIFUL graphics!!!!!

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