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    Hidden Numbers Dining Room
    Dining rooms are spaces in our homes that unite all the family for breakfast, lunch or dinner.Well, probably these are the only moments when all the family gets together for this daily activity. In ancient times it was a role! The meal could not begin until every single member of the family has a set on the table! Well, we must admit that today things has been changed a little bit because of the contemporary way of life, where everyone is very busy and goes to work, and has many other activities, so restaurants are more and more visited, so the dining room remains a place where the family gathers only for some special occasions! At least we should keep this tradition and spend beautiful moments with our dear ones for these holidays and birthdays etc. and feel the warmth of the family atmosphere!

    Game Walkthrough: So welcome to this beautiful dining room! Ok, we are not offering you dinner or something, but a chance to find all the hidden numbers in this space! Yes, there are the numbers from 1 to 15 scattered all around the room, so you will have to start your quest right away! There is a time limitation, so you must finish your job in 5 minutes! Every correct click will bring you 100 points, but you should also know that you will lose the same amount of it if you click on a wrong spot! So try to avoid clicking unnecessarily and click only when you are sure that you have seen the number. Well, those numbers are hidden i.e. disguised very well in this room, so at first sight they seem pretty much invisible. But that's the point of the game, right? You should open your eyes wide and watch! For these purpose you can use the zoom tool, so go through the game screen with it and this way you will be able to see the numbers easier!

    Game Instructions: To play this game you need two things! Ok, so the first one is your mouse, and the second one is your sharp eye! Yeah, so I hope you have them both! Remember that you should click with the left mouse button as soon as you find a certain number! That's it! Just click, and the number will disappear from the stripe, where all the numbers are shown, so this way you will know which numbers are still hiding there in the room! Well, my friend, start your quest and spend a nice time playing this hidden object game!


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    Hidden Numbers Dining Room

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    Published on: 08.09.2011
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