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    Guess the City 3
    Ok, from time to time we check out your knowledge in different fields and now it is time to practice little geography. We are wondering if you remember those games named as 'Guess the City?!' Well this time we have the third part of those games and we are quite sure that you enjoy this one as well, as you did with the previous ones.

    Just to remind you, this game will test your abilities to guess the name of a particular city according to the cultural landmarks of that place, some monument or some interesting building. The game is a hidden object game as always but more precisely it is a combination of hidden objects and quiz that will test your knowledge but let's start gradually.

    The game starts regular hidden object game. You have an image that takes place in particular city and you can notice many objects spreading in that picture. Your task is to find only those objects that are given in the list that is positioned under the main scene and once you are done with that, it is time to guess the name of the city in the picture. Those objects make harder the process of identifying the city but when you take care of the wanted ones, it is much easier. Take your time and think twice before you take any step, because in case that you miss the answer, you will return to the previous level and start it all over, as many times as it's needed. On the other hand, when your answer is right, you move into the new level which is anew hidden challenge, then a new quiz, and so on, until you finish the whole game.


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    Guess the City 3

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    Published on: 25.01.2015
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    vansk1 (5 years ago):
    I really like Guess the City games....  Make more of these....

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