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    Princess Mononoke
    Do you know the princess Mononoke? In case that you dont know, let us explain you. Actually her real name is San and she is a human girl adopted by the giant wolves. Actually in the Japan language Mononoke its not a name but a general term used for a spirit or monster. San is a character of an epicJapanese historical fantasy legend. The story in general speaks about the eternal struggle between the humans and the nature. Its focused on the participation of the outsider Ashitaka in the fight among the supernatural guardians of the forest and the inhabitants of the Iron Town who use its resources. And no one wins the fight because the relationship between humans and nature is cyclical

    Game Walkthrough: And since weve learned something, we could move to the game. Princess Mononoke is a hidden object game where you need to use your power to observe to find the hidden alphabet. You will be observing wonderful pictures of the Princess, taken in the wild and every next level gives you a new picture. The pictures are beautiful and each one has its own story but dont let the story take you away, there is a time ticking away, and your task is to find the letters hidden in the picture.

    Game instruction: Click on the letter when youll find it, but be careful not to make a mistake because every error means reducing of your score, and you like to pass this game as good as you can. Enjoy detecting!


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    Princess Mononoke

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    Published on: 06.10.2011
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