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    Train Trip
    You don't have to be some sage to realize very easily that the world is a wonderful place to be. It is not for a waste that they say the more you get to travel and meet other cultures, the richer you are. No matter what vehicle or machine one choses, each of it offers you unexpected experiences and unforgettable memories, the most often pleasant, rarely - less. If you choose a car, you get to arrange your trip more spontaneously, stop wherever you want, by train or by bus you can meet people that by accident travel next to you, and by plane – you get to places the fastest possible. They say, when you return from somewhere, you get to realize how much you love your home.

    In today's game our hero is a young 16 years old girl born in the small town Whitby, North Yorkshire where her family lives. She goes to Medical school in a town called Castleton, which is 250 km away. Whenever she is free and doesn't have a lot to study, she goes for a visit of her mother, and her preferable vehicle is the train. She likes it because she gets the chance to meet people, to watch nice paysages and very often to ask her self what happens at 500m away from her.

    Today's trip was a bit different for her, because the train had some problem with of the railway track, so it had to change its run and to pass through small settlements, unknown for Lillian. It was one big chance for this young girl to see these small villages and to meet local people. She is very curious girl and started exploring the places in the same instant. The train had 3 hours pause in a small place Brotton, known for its big tradition in making strawberry jam. And believe it or not, that was Lilian favorite one. She visited one small factory and get the chance to ask everything she wanted to know and try the best jam ever. You can only imagine what kind of questions she asked people in the factory.


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    Train Trip

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    Published on: 16.07.2015
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    Mimma (4 years ago):
    Thank you very much for this kind of game. Its very fuinny. I love this type of game!
    mamag15 (5 years ago):
    How do you save a game once it has been started? Sometimes I have I have to leave the game before it is finished. I love these games!!!
    Barb711 (5 years ago):
    Rattiesox (5 years ago):
    Thanks, I love this type of game!

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