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    Dark Goddess
    Imagine you have a good fairy that watches over your living place, your town? How nice would that be? She would keep you safe from every evil that comes along the way so you and your close family and friends could sleep and live peacefully. Let's say someone like Batman, someone who fights against the bad forces and spirits. Well, unfortunately, that exists only in the stories. And in games, isn't it?

    In today's game we offer you some nice pretty fairy fantasy, because we offer you a good vampire. Yes, your read right. Arradia is a Goddess of the night. She was born immortal and she lives in Italy in the year 1300. She is one of the good vampires, and that's why local people trust her and doesn't fear her. Her task is to watch people from bad forces that come only at night. She is a kind of patron of the town that's why people simply call her 'Dark Goddess'. Last few nights in the town the bad vampires descent and want to hurt the local people.

    Aradia is worried because of that and that's why she looks for every corner of the town, trying to find some trace from the bad spirits and to stop their intentions. Our player is in the role of an ordinary citizen who is going to help Aradia. Try to be a good helper!


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    Dark Goddess

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    Genres: Mystery | Scary
    Played: 252,028
    Published on: 18.08.2015
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    Happy  6-2017

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