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    Crystal Springs
    Keeping a secret is a virtue that only chosen ones can bear and cope with. A secret that is meant to be kept from the human kind in order to preserve its ability to produce well – being to it is both a privilege and a huge responsibility for the beholder. The magical forest that keeps the magical springs safe and afar from the curious passers – by has been a secret of all deities for a long time. Apart from the healing powers of the springs, the lords have used the water from them to deliver immortality to chosen ones and no one else except them is able to use the springs in the same manner and with the same outcomes. They have kept the magical crystal clear springs with their healing powers a secret until they had decided to share it with Iris.

    This young girl has been given a noble task to care for the secrecy of the root for welfare of humankind. But, one day she suddenly comes across our player, a mountaineer who wanders around the magical forest and who has accidentally discovered the gate of the lords. She believes his story that he is lost in the woods and decides to help him.She is impatient to take him somewhere safe before the deities notice his presence. At the same time, our player is eager to leave somewhere safe because as the story unfolds, he becomes conscious of the fact that he has seen the magical springs, something that he wasn't supposed to know of.

    His quest for a fast and safe trip back involves an adventure which is exciting and reveals treasures of the magical forest that astonish him and provide him with wonderful and enjoyable moments spent with Iris.


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    Crystal Springs

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    Genres: Adventure
    Played: 188,944
    Published on: 22.09.2015
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    All comments (5)
    jackfrost (2 years ago):
    Ward (2 years ago):
    Level 9. Find flowers should say Find canteens. There are no flowers.
    Ward (2 years ago):
    Level 9. Find flowers should be find canteens.
    Ward (2 years ago):
    Down By The Lake won't load.
    Joaniedale (4 years ago):
    Takes to long to load.

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