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    Hidden Numbers Parking Lot
    People who dont drive are not so conscious about things like this, but drivers are familiar with the term parking lot or car lot. This name is used to describe that cleared area that is projected for parking vehicles. It is a dedicated area that has been supplied with a durable or semi-durable surface. Since the cars are the dominant mode of transportation in most countries in the world, parking lots are an inevitable part of every city and suburban area. Places like Shopping malls, sports stadiums, mega churches, companies, institutions, hospitals and similar places where come many people and who stay there for a while, habitually feature parking lots of huge area. The typical parking lot is covered with asphalt while some are paved with concrete. Also there are many gravel lots and a few of the newer lots are surfaced with permeable paving materials. Parking lots are specially engineered. They traditionally have been an unnoticed part of development projects by governmental oversight but last years there are some regulations for arrangement and spacing of parking lots, including their landscaping, and drainage, and pollution abatement issues.

    Game Walkthrough:Finding hidden objects is really interesting thing to do, and thats why many people choose it these types of games as their hobby which fills their spare time. This time we will find hidden numbers in pictures that take place on a parking lot. You have 5 minutes on dispose and in that period of time, find all the numbers from one to fifteen. You will have to open your eyes well because everything looks same in that big parking lot. At the bottom of the scene there is a list with the numbers from 1 to 15 and when you find some on them, it disappears from the list. Find all the numbers without making mistakes in the shortest period of time so you could earn maximum points. Show that you are an expert for finding hidden objects under any circumstances, in any type of surrounding!

    Game Instructions: Except your extremely sharp observational skills, for playing this game you will need a mouse! Of course, not a real mouse, but a regular computer mouse. When you find some of the numbers, use the mouse and click it! For every correct click you will get 100 points, but be careful not to make a wrong click because that will cause you 100 points less, and you surely like to show your best in this game (perhaps in every game). Track your progress by checking out the list at the bottom of the picture, thats how youll know how many numbers are left to be found.


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    Hidden Numbers Parking Lot

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