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    The Lost Citadel
    Our challenge for you for today is to find not few hidden objects, but a whole citadel. We don't promise that it is going to be an easy task, but a very interesting and provoking one. In each history epoque, citadels had very important role for the people that lived there. They were the towns in bigger towns which had core fortified structure. The sole term citadel means 'little city', because it has functioned as special area in a big city. The citadels were the places where people would fight for their city, it was their war area where they would defense their peace. A lot of love stories as well happen in these fortresses. And usually some beautiful girl is been hidden from some evil person and the prince comes with the strongest horses of all and saves her.

    But some stories include as well sorcerers, weird creatures that hide some big secret. Do you remember the story about the Beauty and the Beast? It is still favorite story for a lot of girls. Sure you remember what big mystery hidden the character and the fortress itself?! Now that you know the location where we situated our todays' game, here are some more details about the story. The legend says that far away in the untouchable areas of the mountain Prea, the lost city fortress, citadel Klerora is situated. That was the city of Klerora.

    That was the hometown of sorcerers who were very successful in hiding from the enemies. Lets' find this lost citadel. Klerora was a town of magic in which lived the biggest magicians. No one would dare to attack them, but the bad king Plopor. He was the only one who wasn't afraid of the sorcerers.


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    The Lost Citadel

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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 08.11.2015
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    mabby (2 years ago):
    So beautiful, thanks guys.

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