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    Hidden Alphabets My Little Pony
    Do you know where the name of the alphabet comes from? If you know, good for you, and if you don't, here is a chance to learn something new! Well, the name of the alphabet is derived from the first two letters of the Ancient Greek alphabet...yes...alpha and beta! Of course it was modified during the centuries! Now, the English Alphabet consists of 26 letters! So after the Greek period it was spread and left to the Italian peninsula and it was a start point for other alphabets used to write theItalic languages. So many languages were derived from this Greek alphabet! And one of these became theLatin alphabet, which was spread across Europe as the Romans broadened their empire. After the collapse of the Roman state, the alphabet was used by almost all the European Languages! Oh, enough with these history lessons! Let's enjoy in this lovely and exquisite image and play!

    Game Walkthrough: If you are fan of hidden object games, you are going to love this one! Just looking at this beautiful colorful picture will give you such a pleasure! Oh, that beautiful little Pony! Ok, yes...this will be your task in this game! To look at this picture, but also you will have to find the hidden letters from the alphabet! Look around very carefully, and try to find them! Yes, the picture is very vivid with a lot of multicolored items...trees, flowers, shiny stars and so on...so this will make your search a little bit difficult, but don't give up! Embrace this challenge and start looking! Yes, you have to get along well with your patience, but hey...if you don't, this is a great chance for you to become best friends with it! So c'mon! Show us your observation skills and your ability to notice things that others don't! Or improve it if you don't have it! Oh, and here is a tip for you...click only when you are sure that you have found the alphabet, so this way you'll earn points! Don't click in vain just like that, because you will lose points this way! So avoid this unnecessary activity and try to be precise! In the 3-rd level you will have to play a little bit faster, because there is time duration! Yeah, so look carefully but don't look for too long! Have in mind that the time is ticking away and also the hidden alphabet will disappear! So go and find it! It may be difficult to see these letters from the alphabet at first look, but that's why you have the zoom option to look closer! They can be anywhere! Disguised as a decoration on this cute pony's hair, around the lovely flowers...anywhere! One more tip...every single letter defers in color and shape! Some letters are actually made of flowers, others are placed around the pony's head...so you need a really good eye to see them all and to complete the whole alphabet! Yeah, it's all there!

    Game Instructions: This is one of those simple games to play! You only have to click with the left mouse button on the right spot, where you will see the alphabets and that's it! Enjoy!


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    Hidden Alphabets My Little Pony

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    Published on: 23.11.2011
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