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    Education and school is a noble thing. Those who choose the profession of a teacher, professor, pedagogue must always be aware of the serious influence they leave on pupils, teenagers, on students. How many times did It occur to you that you fell in love with some class, or with some subject just because you had an amazing teacher that knew how to introduce that love of the matter to you. And off course, there are opposite situations, unfortunately, when, just because you didn't have a charming teacher that loves his work and really knows how to teach, than you simply hate that subject.

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of children in the world that study in very bad conditions, they don't have the elementary conditions for normal education, and not to talk about some technological achievements that will make the education more interesting and innovative. Schools always need help and it is the best when counties, parents and everyone else gives its' best to help the future of children. And sometimes, the answer lies in some quick-witted idea, action, in which pupils would be engaged, and parents, as well. The best thing is when kids get the impression that they are involved into something big and usefully.

    We have such an example in our new game for you. High School of Ashton organizes humanitarian action concerning schools that don't have enough assets and conditions for normal education. Each year they donate equipment and objects in the schools that are situated in the jeopardized areas in the country. Our player has the role of a new teacher and his colleagues are introducing him in the tasks that he should do to complete successfully this action. No money can buy the smiling faces of children that are thankful of the good finished job. You will try to help the teacher, won't you?


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    High School Project

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    Published on: 13.11.2015
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