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    The Flowers of Paris
    If you want to have a long-term friend, than raise a flower, an old proverb says. If you give the plants enough water and even more love, than you will have a view of something very alive and very pretty. Different colors and aromas that flowers give to the world make them one of the most beautiful representatives of vegetation. Can you imagine what would the world look like without that beauty? That would be a very poor place to be. Those that admire very much the flowers and want to work professionally on this issue, go for higher education. They learn how to breed them adequately, so they would look perfectly.

    The craft of the flower arrangement is a real art. It takes a lot of aesthetics sense so you would create the perfect bouquet for your client. Women usually fall for a nice bouquet, and it is a perfect answer for 'thank you' and 'I am sorry' situations. Try to remember a situation when you fell for this gesture.

    We have inspirational characters for todays' game. Pierre and Josephine are owners of the new flower shop in Paris. They are new as vendors but are very experienced as flower breeders. Their flower shop has become very popular in Paris for their unique arrangements and bouquets. Due to the big number of customers, Pierre and Josephine can't achieve all alone and that's why they need someone to help them so they will have perfect customer service. Our player has the role of their assistant and he has really short time to fulfil the customers' needs. Refresh your selling qualities and do your best to help Pierre's and Josephine's mission. This can be an interesting challenge, isn't it?


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    The Flowers of Paris

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    Genres: Shopping | ForFun
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    Published on: 22.11.2015
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