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    Hendersons House
    Imagine you have a place, a very special one that it won't be the home that you live in, but some nice villa, flat, cabin, or call it as you like, that would be far from your house. Imagine that to be a place where you go when you want to rest from the everyday life, spend time with four friends and family and simply create memories together. Those places are relaxing, especially if they are situated by some nice lake, river or even better – a sea, or maybe built on some mountainous area, where you will be together and closer to the nature itself.

    And no matter if it is summertime, so you can swim, those springtime and walk around, those places are always magical. They remind you how simple life can be. Especially if we talk about some place that is not close to a big city, it doesn't even have shops, for example. Those places teach you how to be closer to the nature and you follow the motto: Less is more!

    Henderson's family use every free moment to spend time together in their family summer house which is situated in the close forest. This year has been very busy for them, and they didn't have a lot of time to spend in the house and now, at the end of the year they decided that it would be appropriate to rest in their summer residency. But, because it's been a long time since someone spent time in the house, it is a bit neglected. They need to clean it up and to prepare it for their stay here. While they are cleaning, they find objects that remind them of the time spent here. So, please, help them recover their family memories. Is there anything better, off course, when we talk about good memories.


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    Hendersons House

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    Published on: 24.11.2015
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