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    Mountain Echoes
    Almost no other area like the mountains can give you the superior feeling of being somewhere very high and very special. The feeling that you are up closer to the sky than anyone else, breathing fresh air that opens up your thoughts, and the uniting with the nature at its highest level, that is priceless. In wintertime skiing, snowboarding, simply walking on the mountain tracks is more than enough. There you can talk, sing, dance, whatever you want, it is you and Her Majesty, the nature. And it is not only the snow that makes the mountains special, they are always beautiful.One can choose springtime when flowers and trees blossom in all colors.Or, if you want, spend time in summer when cities are simply unsupportable and filthy and you want to run away. And, not to mention how beautiful autumn is, with all the different colors you can imagine, yellow, green, red, brown in all their nuances. Take your good friend with good physical condition, prepare few sandwiches and some coffee and go for and adventure, this is quiet a suggestion, you agree?

    In today's challenge for you, we are taking you at such a nice place as we are talking above. The place is a special mountain, that not a lot of people have had the chance to walk and climb.

    Group of visitors decide to go on the Hedrow mountain close to the small touristic village Barden. The Hedrow Mountain is very well known for its wonderful echo that the mountain itself creates. But, the echo is the best only on certain position of the mountain. Group of mountain lovers are heading into an adventure looking for the place where the best echo can be found. This can be quiet an adventure, don't you think?


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    Mountain Echoes

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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 04.12.2015
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    Mimma (3 years ago):
    Thank you for this game.I like it
    Mimma (3 years ago):
    Thank you for this game.I like it

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