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    Promise Keepers
    Is there a better way ti save and celebrate the love with someone by trying to memorize the best things together and off course, celebrate them whenever you can? Those little things and events make us better together and give bigger meaning to the common life together. Remember when you begin a relationship and you are up in the seventh sky, flying free like a bird, and nothing else matters to you. And than, you get to glorify all the little moments, like 15 months together, or 50 days together. When someone else sees that from outside, they get to think that that is so funny and so childish to do, but for those madly in love with each other, that is quiet normal. They say, when you fall in love, the world seems to be the best place to be and than you love everyone, no hatred or bad emotions toward others, as Romeo said, than, even the enemy is your friend.

    It seems like when we are younger, those little pleasant things are normal, but as time goes by, we forget that naivety and start being more practical, spending one day after another in the everyday life, forgetting about the magic from the beginning. It is great for those that achieve to stay in that manner for longer time. We are introducing you today with such a couple. They didn't forget to celebrate their love, despite the years.

    The Brown couple is in marriage for twenty years. At the beginning of their marriage they promised themselves that for each of their wedding anniversaries they will organize romantic diner on some romantic place. This year, the wife is the main organizer of the event. She has hired a small apartment in the center of Venice with wonderful view of the city. She has arrived few hours ago before her husband, wanting to take care of the slightest details about their diner.


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    Promise Keepers

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    Genres: Romance
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    Published on: 16.12.2015
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    BluAngel (2 years ago):
    Happy 6-2017

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