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    Grim Affairs
    It is a very disturbing period for the police. Police officers Norma and Trevor are working on a cold case to solve. It is not their first abduction case, but they are experiencing difficulty in building this particular case. There is a girl missing under known dangerous circumstances. She has gone missing a while ago. The detectives were working hard with their colleagues to find the kidnapper and they had a great success with that.The police has released the name of the suspect. The official statement from the police indicated that the kidnapper Blake did this for ransom because the girl is a daughter of a local businessman.

    The businessman paid Blake 1 million dollars ransom for his daughter release. After he received the money Blake released the girl, but dissapeared in an unknown direction managing to escape the police. This is where the police hit the wall. Federal criminal code makes kidnapping a serious felony offense, with prison sentences of 20 or more years, depending on prior convictions and the circumstances of the case. Still in a fragile condition, the girl told the police everything she knew about Blake and his disappearance which wasn't much... She described the kidnapper in detail. The detectives scanned the country and took in every detail, but it was like he has disappeared into thin air as if he never was.

    But after a week the detectives received information that Blake is hiding in an abandoned house on the outskirts of the city. They began to plan the search for this criminal. You can help the detectives catch Blake and receive the jail sentence that he deserves. The police is arriving in Blake's hiding place and the search is just beginning...


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    Grim Affairs

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    Genres: Scary
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    Published on: 23.12.2015
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