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    He was one of the greatest English poets and leaders of the Romantic movement of the 19th century, definitely is Sir Lord Gordon Byron. He is mostly famous for his poems 'Don Juan' and 'Child Harold's Pilgrimage'. The way he described his main characters, is not much different then the way he actually lived. Even one and a half century later, he is one of the most influential author, because of his style of writing. He adored the Bohemian life, traveled all the time, mostly in European countries. He has died very young, he was 36 only. But, he was not only the party guy, but one that couldn't stand the human injustice. Though he had no direct connection to that country, he joined Greek War of Independence that was fighting against Ottoman Empire. He was famous for the free life and sexual liberty, bisexual relations.

    The heritage that these people leave for the future generations is immense. Their houses, villas are being turned into memorial houses and homes and young people and all the curious adults can learn much about their lives and influence by having the chance to feel their essence.

    Some sources say that Byron was born in London, others – in the town of Dover, let's say that fr the needs of our game, that won't have such a great importance. Easton School each year organizes interesting and educative school excursions. This year they have decided to visit Lord George Gordon Byron's birth place. Students arrive in the famous British author's birth place and before arriving in his museum-house they decide to take a good look at the town. Our player has the role of teachers Marie and Peter's assistant. His task is to organize a quick and safe visit of the town and to take them to the memorial house of the great writer.


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    School Trip

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