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    The New Housekeeper
    Cleaning the house or apartment can be a real terror for a lot of women. And yes, the reality says that some women even enjoy cleaning the house, dish washing or cloth ironing makes them less nervous and the vacuum cleaner is their best friend. Off course, we are joking a little bit. Some housewives want their house to be so clean that cleaning towels are pretty normal paraphernalia for them. And for those who enjoy less in the process of bringing the house in order and, off course, can afford to pay someone else to do that for them, they simply hire a woman that is enough hardworking to do that for them. And don't think that you don't have enough money, when you put the time you will spend for cleaning the house and taking care of the children, that would surely cost a lot more than calling the housekeeper for twice a month.

    There are women that are very professional in the cleaning job. They understand it as a vocation out of which they earn their money for life and do it the best they can. Karen is a professional housekeeper. She is very well known among the richer families that she is excellent in her obligations and due to that, she is exceedingly wanted from house owners. Especially richer and famous people need to have very confidential housekeepers, people they can really trust. Karen this time has been invited by an industrial tycoon for her to be his personal housekeeper.

    She will get an extraordinary payment and that's why she wants to leave the right impression. Today she arrives in his luxury house and exactly today it is her first working day. Our player has the role of her friend and assistant. He/she is being invited by Karen to help her in the general cleaning of this luxurious house.


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    The New Housekeeper

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    Published on: 20.01.2016
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    mabby (3 years ago):
    So beautiful, thanks h4f.
    impulsive 57 (4 years ago):
    I can't get the game to start, I registered.

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