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    Secret Recipe
    Being in marriage with someone you love and sharing the emotions and everyday life under the same roof is the thing two hearts promise to each other at the beginning. There is an old saying – 'money can buy you a house, but when you are going to fulfill it with love, it is called a home'. That is the whole truth and nothing but the truth, when it comes to the sense of being with someone and sharing the common space together. Not everyone can afford to have his own apartment or house, it's a fact – it is expensive. If you can not, you decide to live in a place and pay rents, so why not. But, when you make your own place to share good life, than the feeling is priceless, off course, if you do that with someone you care for and love spending time with. Especially, if you spend a lot of time, energy and, the inevitable – money, to decorate the place, to make it livable, than you wouldn't want to leave the place. Those four walls seem to be the best place to be and there you want to share all the memories possible.

    With such issue is occupied our Mila today. She is married to Eric for few years. Few months ago they managed to buy their apartment and since than, they enjoy their life together even more. In terms of showing her husband's appreciation and thankfulness, Mila got the idea to organize romantic diner, she is determined to prepare her secret recipe that was kept into her family memories for generations.

    Eric has sacrificed a lot from his time and nerves to afford for them to have the perfect apartment, working very often overtime and for weekends. She needs a lot of ingredients for her secret recipe. Our player would be very much welcomed to help Mila prepare her recipe. The game might inspire you to make something special for your beloved.


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    Secret Recipe

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    Genres: Cooking | Romance
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    Published on: 09.02.2016
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    mabby (1 year ago):
    Every image is so beautiful, thanks h4f.
    rosaz (2 years ago):
    good page just good games it takes to load games
    rosaz (2 years ago):
    not load the game
    elsa2007 (3 years ago):
    I have just played secret respire I like playing them over and over again  

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