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    The nature has the decision for everything, we only have to listen to her. When modern medicine wasn't so advanced and the pharmacy wasn't so developed, people used the plants and the wisdom of nature to answer to the diseases. And, very often today we say – then they lived simple lives, ate simple food, listened to the nature and lived longer. They drank more teas, ate healthier food and didn't know how the doctors looked like. And the modern pharmacy is based on the basis of the natural ingredients, but don't forget, that is never, completely natural. No one can prove to you that it is better to buy vitamin C, for example, than to squeeze the tastiest cocktail juice from lemon, orange, kiwi...

    It is good to know that there still are people that trust the nature and they return to it. They climb the mountains, look for hundreds and hundreds of plants that have such a power to cure diseases, different pains, one only needs to understand them. Sometimes the cure is for free, but one should know that. Modern people usually say, I am not ill to drink a tea. Off course, that can be a good joke, but in real life terms, it is better not to have this attitude toward what nature gives us.

    In our today's game we are introducing you to a great nature lover, someone dedicated to the vegetables, plants and herbs. Doris is a middle aged woman whose passion is collecting curative plants on different places in the world. Using those herbs she prepares medicines with which she wants to help people. Today Doris arrived on the Alps because here she can find some of the rarest curative plants in the world. They can be used for curing some of the worst diseases ever. Doris is in the search for the 'gold'. So pop up on the Alps and help Doris.


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    Precious Herbs

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    Published on: 09.03.2016
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    mabby (1 month ago):
    Pure beauty, thanks h4f.

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