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    When you share passion for something, you surely want to share that love with your close people, especially if you have children and you have some hobby you are dedicated to, you want your children to succeed your love and passion. They usually say, a pear falls beyond a pear. When children grow in one manner, surrounded with certain passion, usually sport or some art, than very often, the kids who are watching and experiencing the certain thing, have that as it runs in the blood. And the talent and the genetics is another thing, that we can not run away from. People who have interesting hobbies simply must have their heirs, because it would be a disaster that the excitement something brings to them, dies with them alone.

    Diving is one of the sports that very exciting, extreme as well, but special in a way. For people who love water and the under water world, diving is the thing that gives them energy, opens new world to them and they, off course, want to share that with their close people. Oh, how lovely a couple looks like when diving together! And when their children join them, that's the priceless!

    Ms. Sarah is great lover of the submarine world and her biggest dream has always been to visit a great underwater museum. Together with her family she is visiting Marineland - the biggest aquarium museum in the country. She is so excited that finally her dream has come true. Sarah wants the love of her submarine world to transfer to her children, that's why they are going to look the museum together and to learn new things. Finding different objects connected to the underwater world is the provocation for today. Sarah simply wants go give all the knowledge she has to her children. So, put your diving suit and help Ms.Sarah in her mission.


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    Published on: 23.04.2016
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