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    The Last Kingdom
    In the history, wars have been used to destruct things, to encroach worthy things that belong to someone else. That is in the birth of any war or conflict – the one who wants to take something away from another and wants to do that on an aggressive way. That very often or maybe always implicates victims on the both sides – those who attack and those who defend themselves. So, we hear very often – some worthy and rare artifacts that have been taken or stolen from some country and taken to another. And then you get the situation, the greater force keeps the wealth until the damaged one is suing and fights with the restitution processes. And, how would you feel if someone enters violently your house and takes something that you really love and care for? Off course, you would be frustrated and nervous and would do anything to get back what belongs to you.

    Now, imagine that all the royal families in the world are endangered in one single day. That would happen in the game we prepared for you today. All the big kingdoms in the world are in front of great collapse. Almost all the kings have been outcast from their kingdoms. There is only one kingdom in the world. Imagine as well, that you are the last living woman in the world with the blue blood. Vivian is the last princess in the world that has to go back into her kingdom and to gather the royal symbols and stuff and to put them on safe, before the armies would come to destroy everything. Vivian is hoping that some day when the times will come down and all the kingdoms will resurrect, so hers too. She is impatient to meet that day.

    You can help her with the mission, can you?


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    The Last Kingdom

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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 27.04.2016
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