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    Diamond Bay
    Sailors, pirates, they are all usually leaded by a story about a lost treasure, a chest with a lot of money or gold. Most of the stories go like this – there was a king or simply a rich man who felt threatened by something or someone so he hides his treasure on a place that is not easy reachable. After that, he makes a map so after the thread is gone, he could easily find the treasure. However, some of those people managed to find their treasure again but some of them didn't. Some of them became too old and died, others died in a war or someone killed them looking for their treasure and in those cases the treasure usually stays hidden in the place where they left it. There are treasures that stay like that for many, many years, until someone finds them by accident. Taught by those stories, sailors and pirates spend their lives looking for those maps, sail many miles, spend their entire lives looking for the great treasure. And just like those who have hidden it, some of them succeed, some not.

    Bernard is a sailor whose father was also a sailor. Bernard shares the same dream with his father who has dedicated his whole life on discovering the location of the famous Diamond Bay. It is about a wonderful former royal residency where the king has hidden his treasure. Between all those gold and jewelry, the king has hidden the most precious diamonds in the world. There were many stories talking about this bay but no one managed to find it until now. Bernard was actually following the old maps of his father and he realized some facts that weren't noticed by his father so he finally got to the wanted point, famous bay.

    Let's search together and see what is hiding in Diamond Bay.


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    Diamond Bay

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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 19.05.2016
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