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    Lamp of Aladdin
    You must know the story of Aladdin's magic lamp! It is one of the best stories ever told! It is actually a Middle Eastern folk tale and one of the tales in The Book of One Thousand and One Nights or the Arabian Nights. Aladdin is a poor and penniless young boy who finds the magic lamp by chance, when he falls into a treasury whole running with the stolen things from the sellers on the market. Yeah, he falls down in that chamber full of shimmering gold and many, many other luxurious objects, among them the magic lamp! Oh, it is a wonderful story, so if you haven't heard it jet, you must do that right away! It is also a great love storyyeah, Aladdin and Jasmine! So now you'll have a chance to enter in that treasury for a while and experience the excitement of this story!

    Game Walkthrough:Discover the story of Aladdin's magic lamp. Yeah, here you are in the middle of that treasury full of magnificent and precious objects! Oh that glimmering gold and diamonds all around the chamber! It looks like a dream! I guess you will enjoy playing this game, or just looking at the marvelous picture. Ok, yeah you should look at it a lot, because you have to find the pieces of that objects shown at the bottom part of the game screen. Yes, they are placed in those four squares, so your task is to find their sequences. Oh, yes I know, the picture is so full of stuff, it seems impossible to find anything there. But give it a tryyou will see that some of the pieces are easily recognizable. Ok, for some of them you'll need to open your eyes wide and search thoroughly! So there are dialogue boxes that will lead you through the game, so don't worry, you won't miss a thing!

    Game Instructions: To play this hidden object game you only need to use your mouse! So click on the right pieces of the objects, and they will automatically place on the right spot down in the 4 squares. Well, that's it my dear friend! I wish you success in this adventurous and interesting game!


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    Lamp of Aladdin

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    Genres: Adventure | ForFun
    Played: 166,885
    Published on: 27.12.2011
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    Marailex (3 years ago):
    I need to make the screen bigger. No way to do that.
    piriakapoppy (9 years ago):
    loved this game Clap hands