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    The Temples of Nyrabi
    Being an archeologist is one of the most interesting professions. Perhaps they are not focused on the present, but even though they explore the history, their field of interest gives them an opportunity to travel on different places all around the world and see numerous wonderful sights no one has seen before and no one probably will. Also they have the chance to get to know certain facts that have been unknown until that moment which is also a great thing, the feeling is definitely exceptional, but discovering a new civilization is also a really big thing and gives even bigger excitement...

    William, Jason and Alice are three archeologists that have been working together on few cases before. They really know their job and they are always willing to push as hard as possible and to process everything in tiniest details just to get to the truth about something. This time the three of them are somewhere deep in the African jungles, searching for the ancients temples of the lost city of Nyrabi. Each one of them has a task to find certain objects that are hidden somewhere deep in the jungle. They have certain evidences that those objects are hidden there, so it’s best to work separately in order to have more time for fulfilling the whole mission.

    You will also take part in this interesting jungle adventure but you will have to be as efficient as possible and cooperate with the other archeologists in order to help them find the needed objects. Let’s start the big quest and finish it as successfully as possible.


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    The Temples of Nyrabi

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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 12.07.2016
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