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    Broadway Dream
    Perhaps that was 'Flash dance' the movie that made numerous girls dream about a career in Broadway. Everyone loves dancing and choosing dancing and singing as a profession seems like the best job in the world. You practice a lot, you face numerous people and visit numerous auditions until you get the right part but all that effort is mixed with so much fun which makes this profession very interesting and definitely unique.

    Florence for example, is a young girl that lives in a small town that has only one small local theatre. Since she knows about herself, Florence loves acting and dreams that one day she will perform at the big scene in Broadway. This is probably a dream of many young girls but Florence takes this really serious. She spends so much time at the theatre and she feels it as her second home. Also she likes to continue her education at the theatre academy, acting compartment, which makes her visit the stage of the local theatre even more often. On this stage Florence is practicing for the entrance exam that will launch her to the sky.

    Florence is usually practicing by herself but she would definitely need some help and that's why you will play in this game in a role of Florence's acquaintance. She will take you on a tour through the theatre and it will be really helpful for her if you practice the lines together. Let's help Florence fulfill her dreams and get to the theatre academy, and of course – Broadway.


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    Broadway Dream

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    Published on: 21.07.2016
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