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    Sorcerers School
    Have you ever had a meeting with a real wizard? Yes we know, you have seen all parts of the Harry Potter franchise, you may also read the books, but a real wizard? Well Akleus is definitely a real wizard, and also one of the best wizards in the whole world! He works as a teacher in Sorcerers School which is one of the most famous schools for wizard that ever existed! You may imagine what does that mean! Since Akleus is that good in what he does, he enjoys a huge respect from his students, including the local people who know about his dedication and we could say that he is a quite lucky man.

    The principles in the Sorcerers School are similar like in every other school all around the world just that here the students are studying to become wizards. They learn magic and practical use of magic, tricks, learn how to manage with certain magical objects, or how to give certain power to regular objects, sometimes even to manipulate with people but on a good way...and while they learn that, they also have a regular school year, they have to learn lessons and take exams... Now it's actually the end of the year and all students in Sorcerers School are preparing themselves for the final exam.

    It is interesting that the final exam takes place on Stonehenge, the place where the wizards do their main rituals. That is also the place where Akleus gets most of his powers, some kind of a magical place since those prehistoric monuments definitely bring something ancient and powerful with them. They are witnesses of something that any human being didn't have a chance to see or experience.

    You will play the game as one of Akleus's students and you should both prepare for the final ritual.


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    Sorcerers School

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    Published on: 06.08.2016
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    BluAngel (1 year ago):
    Great game! 6-2017

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