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    Holy Shelter
    Some of us believe in evil ghosts and exorcism and some don't. However, this is one of the things that happen and the humanity can't find a concrete and final answer for it. Just when someone says that it is all part of people's imagination and nothing more, something strange happens and mixes things up.

    Joan is a girl that has been obsessed by evil spirits. She didn't believe in ghosts at first but when those strange things started to happen, she realized that it is about certain paranormal activity and it is quite hard to deal with it. Looking for an answer for what is happening; first she turned into her friends. Some of them didn't have a clue about ghosts while others advised her to look for an exorcist. Joan didn't know what that is so she decided to look for help in the local church, harboring into the holy shelter.

    At the moment Joan is in the church and she has to find the objects that should be used against the evil spirits. This will be a hard battle but this girl has to face the situation and deal with it, in order to help herself feel better.


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    Holy Shelter

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    Genres: Scary | Religion
    Played: 161,691
    Published on: 25.09.2016
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    mabby (1 year ago):
    Some images are beautiful, thanks h4f.
    jackfrost (2 years ago):
    mksmouse (3 years ago):
    ShadowsGathered (3 years ago):
    I am so tired of this game claiming to be "completed" before I've finished playing it!

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