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    The Park Keeper
    Meet Donald. He is a really honest person that loves his job a lot. He works as a park keeper, for some he may be doing a boring job, but he surely finds interesting things in his everyday activities. As a park keeper, Donald walks through the park many times during the day, to make sure that everything is in a perfect order. The park is a place where people go to relax themselves, to take a short rest from their routine, so Donald has to keep it clean but also to guard it from some people that may make certain damage and destroy other people's idyll.

    Besides other things, one of the most common things that Donald does in the park is collecting the objects that people have left behind them on the benches, after they left the park. It's not that they wanted to make a mess in the park, it's just that they were thinking about something else, so they acted forgotten at the moment. Some of those objects go to trash, while some are kept in case that someone comes again to look for what he has lost.

    Today Donald will take us on a tour through the park in order to show us his everyday life. also this would be a great chance to help him in his responsibilities, while we take a nice long walk through the park.


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    The Park Keeper

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    Published on: 17.10.2016
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