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    Hidden4fun World of Zuma
    Here is small refreshment in our games, a game that not a hidden object game but it also very interesting game that won't disappoint you. This game is quite addictive, that's for sure because it is very popular. It's about our version of the famous Zuma. For the once that are wondering what kind of game is Zuma, here is little explanation. You will see many colorful balls in the game and the scope of the game is actually very simple - you must join 3 balls with same color on the chain and destroy them. So it sounds very easy and yes, it is but not that easy because it asks for some strategic thinking in order to complete this task.

    Also you get a chance to choose your playing mode. When you are still a beginner, choose the 'easy mode' but as you become more skilled, the 'hard mode' would be your bigger challenge.

    The game consists of three levels, three different worlds that hide their own challenges. The first world is 'Amazon jungle', the second one is 'Ancient Ruins' while the third one takes you to the \"Frozen Land\". You start joining the balls and if you don't manage to pass the level, you get a chance to play the level once again. Actually if you are not satisfied by our score in general, you could play again each level you want. Now let's see how is this going in praxis.


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    Hidden4fun World of Zuma

    Genres: ForFun
    Played: 307,718
    Published on: 30.12.2016
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    All comments (6)
    fays1961 (2 months ago):
    I am enjoying this one saved
    mabby (1 year ago):
    I dont see the "save game" option, just the *pause. There is it??
    Rattiesox (1 year ago):
    Thanks for the automatic "save game" option.  It really helps to not have to start from the beginning.  I was finally able to complete it.
    admin (1 year ago):
    Dear fans,
    If you have problems with the advertisements please be patient, because we are working on the issue. Thank you for the inconvenience.
    Rattiesox (1 year ago):
    Would be more fun if one could shoot at beginning and not have to wait till 1/3 of line passes before shooter aligns with balls.
    admin (1 year ago):
    We added an automatic "save game" option. This will remember your last played level depending on the game mode. If the game starts to run slower after few levels, close the game and start it again. You will continue playing from your last level.

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