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    Siberian Princess
    Anfisa is the daughter of the head of a small village. Her father Egor is on this function for a while and he has ruled the village really well, making all citizens very satisfied with their lives. However, before a certain period of time, was found a mummy excellently preserved. It was a mummy of a Siberian princess. Everyone in the village was quite excited because of this discovery, believing that it will bring good to the village but it came out that the things went to the opposite way. After a while the village was afflicted by a huge catastrophe, terrible earthquakes and strong winds.

    It seemed that it will be the end of the small village because it started ruining. The head of the village thought about finding ways to take care of the catastrophes but since it was a natural phenomenon, it seemed there is nothing that can be done. However, thinking about a solution he realized that everything started on the day when this princess was found so he started believing that it is something related to her.

    Anfisa set a task to herself, to find all the objects that belonged to the Siberian princess. They decided to bury them on a traditional Siberian way, concerning that when that happens, the catastrophes will end up. Let's help Anfisa finish her mission before it's too late and before there is still a chance for saving the village.


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    Siberian Princess

    Genres: Mystery | Adventure
    Played: 150,918
    Published on: 05.01.2017
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    joy57 (7 years ago):
    game would not go into large screen hard to see objects

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