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    Emma and Pico
    There cant be two identical things in the world. Did you know that? We mean there cant be two things that look completely the same and cant be separated from each other.

    Even identical twin brothers and sisters that usually people cant tell who is who, actually arent 100 percent the same. You just need to look in the details. Can you do that. If not than start training your eyes!
    Game Walkthrough:Emma and Pico is a virtual game where we put your perception to the test. We will give you two pictures, one next to the other. At first glance they might look the same but they are not. We will help you by giving you the number of differences you need to find and the rest is up to you. The pictures are of Emma and Pico and there are 12 different pictures you need to go through. Each one harder than the previous. Also you can play the game on easy, normal and hard level. Well we strongly suggest to start from the easy mode and then work yourself up the ladder of hardness. This is a game of patience and of course will help you to start looking in the details. It will train you to spot the small things and will make you remember details. Do you want to sharpen your skills? Then start playing Emma and Pico.
    Game Instructions:You will need the computer mouse to play this game. Click on the left button of the computer mouse on the place where you think its different and win some points. But dont click all over the picture because with every missed click we will deduct points from your score. Not too hard! So point your eyes to the computer screen and begin!


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    Emma and Pico

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    Genres: Pets | ForFun
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    Published on: 22.01.2012
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