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    The Sunken Kingdom
    Maybe you haven't heard about the old civilization known as the Amaru civilization. And that is ok since it is about a very old civilization that unfortunately has disappeared many years ago. They had a Kingdome on small island named Iwako but this island has sank and every trace was lost. Timothy is at the place, at this small island that used to be the home of the Amaru civilization. He sincerely hopes that he will manage to solve the longstanding mystery about the disappearance of this great civilization.

    Since it is assumed that this civilization and the Kingdome of the Amaru people has disappeared in the depth of the sea, Timothy's investigation starts right there. He is brave enough to get to the bottom of the sea and look for the objects that sometimes belonged to those people. His exploring is very interesting and actually this is one of his greatest adventures because there are so many objects that can't be seen anywhere else.

    Timothy is very excited because this case is one of those cases that don't happen often and he is on the trace of something very big and exclusive. On the other hand, working with timothy we also have a chance to see what is going on in the sea and take part in this great discovery.


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    The Sunken Kingdom

    Genres: Adventure
    Played: 83,261
    Published on: 18.01.2017
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    All comments (9)
    Annamarie (4 years ago):
    open pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee open
    stormynight54@yahoo.com (4 years ago):
    Haven't been able to load any of the new games for days now. Can load the older ones.
    admin (4 years ago):
    You are right Two-Bears, most of the issues are fixed like we promise.
    Black screen is due to missing ad or unwillingness to wait game to load.
    We also fixed this with loading "Connecting to Game".
    Some may see back screen because of missing ad or using ad blocker.
    Thanks for playing hidden4fun games Happy
    golfclubchuck (4 years ago):
    black screen, sad
    Pooky6045 (4 years ago):
    Won't reload - Black screen again.
    Two-Bears (4 years ago):
    Another day with no problems with the game. Way to go!
    But, I see other people are still having problems. ?
    Annamarie (4 years ago):
    thanks for open it
    Annamarie (4 years ago):
    reload when in to the half line and stop
    Annamarie (4 years ago):
    dont whant to be open

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