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    The Secret Museum
    Mr. Randy is a really eccentric person. He is actually a wealthy man who doesn't spend most of his money in buying numerous houses, cars or other luxurious objects but he is completely dedicated to his passion – collecting valuable artifacts and dinosaurses fossils. Well how cool is that?! There are not many people in the world with this kind of passion which makes him quite unique person. Mr. Randy has his own museum where he shows the belongings that he likes to have but also he likes the whole world to be able to learn something about them. And no matter how noble his intentions are, there are always some people that like to ruin things, just to take profit out of every situation.

    Actually Mr. Randy has been robbed. Someone has broken into his private museum, stealing many important items from there. Mr. Randy is devastated so he has called the police in order to find out who is responsible for the crime and what should he do next.

    Peter and Nicole are two detectives who are at Mr. Randy's secret museum at the moment. The detectives are sorry about what happen with the museum but at the same time they are really fascinated by the museum. They haven't seen something like that before and they are amazed by the idea that someone could have his own museum with so valuable objects. However, they should act very fast and do their best to save the museum and find the missing artifacts and fossils.


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    The Secret Museum

    Genres: Scary
    Played: 85,767
    Published on: 20.01.2017
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    franogie1 (6 years ago):
    the scratch wont open....this is a mess
    admin (6 years ago):
    Black screen is due to missing ad or unwillingness to wait game to load.
    Some may see back screen because of missing ad or using ad blocker.
    Please wait some time game to load. If you think that prolonged time has passed,
    click on link above the game or refresh the page.
    Thanks for playing hidden4fun games Happy
    Two-Bears (6 years ago):
    Once again, no problems with the game what so ever!
    gamegrand (6 years ago):
    What is wrong with this site I haven't been able to play my games the screen is just black. Please fix this I miss playing my game every day. Thank you
    Granny A (6 years ago):
    Why can't I open any of the Hidden Objects games? I get message saying its connecting to the game but then the screen goes black every time. This has been happening for days now. I miss playing my daily "hidden" games! Please tell me what's wrong. Thanks.

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