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    Being a full time mom and a housewife may seem easy for some people. When women go to work, they spend about eight hours there, and after that they have the same responsibilities at home and sometimes a quick lunch or a take away meal could do its job. However, people usually are not that tolerant for the moms that don't go at work. Since they are at home, everything is supposed to be in a biggest order. The house should be perfectly clean, the lunch should be always ready on time, the children should be always satisfied and same goes for the husband. That means a lot of work but when a person says that she was at home all day, it seems that she takes a lot of rest, that she has a lot of time for herself, but how could that person have time for herself when she is always taking care for someone else?!

    This commitment is usually a pleasure but let's not forget that every mom needs some time for herself, some time to spend with her friends, time to do something just for her, to work on herself...

    Doris for example is a wife and mother of two. She has many everyday responsibilities and she starts each day same. She insists on finishing those responsibilities while her husband and children are out, so she could have some quality time with them when they are at home. That means no time for herself while she is at home but that's why you are here today, to help her finish everything on time, without so much stress.


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    Daily Chores

    Genres: Cleaning | ForFun
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    Published on: 22.01.2017
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    Enfys (6 years ago):
    No new game today?
    trout26805 (6 years ago):
    tried several games and they will not fully load
    milady (6 years ago):
    games are not downloading

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