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    The Price of Magic
    We are all witnesses that it is not possible always to experience only nice things in life. We have deal numerous situations that made us extremely happy but also many of them made us cry. And not just things that have happen to us, but also things that have happen to our friends, relatives, acquaintances... Our praxis tells us that there is not a rule when something beautiful will happen and when we should expect something bad, or who will get lucky and who will experience something bad in a certain moment. As a result, so many times people have that feeling that things that happen around them are simple injustice. Someone was an excellent person for example, when he suddenly got sick and end up tragically...

    Alexia may live in her forgotten magical world but it seems that this world could give us answers for many questions related to causes and consequences. Alexia does only good things, she actually practices good magic but she is aware that each good magic makes bad magic on the other part of the world. Every good magic has its price that has to be paid and there should be always balance between good and bad, as many good things as bad. However Alexia knows about this balance so she does everything she can not to get to a situation where she should use magic.

    However, this time she felt that it was inevitable. Namely, her best friend has some problems with the health. She feels really bad and Alexia has done everything for her. The only thing that has left is using a good magic once again...


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    The Price of Magic

    Genres: Adventure
    Played: 83,979
    Published on: 23.01.2017
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