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    Legend of the Aluxes
    Let's learn something more about the Mayas tradition, referring the legend of the Aluxes. An alux is actually the name given to a type of sprite or spirit in the mythological folklore of certain Maya peoples from the Yucatán Peninsula and Guatemala. Aluxes are regarded of as being small, just about knee-high, and in appearance similar to miniature traditionally dressed Maya people.

    According to the folklore they are generally invisible but are able to get physical form for the needs of communicating with and frightening humans in addition to congregate. Now, there are six small statuettes of Aluxes, ancient keepers of the home hidden really well. According to the stories told by the people that live in a small village near the ruins of the castle Kukulkan, those statuettes are hidden exactly in that village and something similar can't be found anywhere else in the world.

    Nahua is a girl that comes exactly from this village. She has heard about the legend of the Aluxes before but she didn't feel a need to look for them until now. Her home is obsessed by evils spirits and her family is in a great danger at this moment. Nahua has tried everything to solve this situation but it seems that those six statuettes – keepers of the home, are the only solution. Nanua is prepared to start her journey, looking for those objects that could possibly make the things better for her and her family. Let's see if this story is true or just a legend that travels through the time, veiled in great mystery.


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    Legend of the Aluxes

    Genres: Scary
    Played: 89,938
    Published on: 24.01.2017
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    keibre (2 years ago):

    Bev1962 (5 years ago):
    bubble goes where it wants not where I aim it.  boo!
    trout26805 (6 years ago):
    Same here the game loads to a point then does not fully load, No changes at all here I always got the games to play
    golfclubchuck (6 years ago):
    was wondering if you'll ever get this fixed haven't play any new games for a month
    Bear1970 (6 years ago):
    I dont mind adverts as this site is free but in the middle of a game I disagree with as it bogs the game down..I love your site btw thanks for your hard work so we can enjoy...

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