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    Castle of Lost Souls
    Meet Rebecca. This girl has a very unusual story indeed, something that only few people have experiences, or only few people decide to talk about it… Namely, at this moment Rebecca is in one old abandoned castle, and we have to add, very scary castle that is also known as the castle of the lost souls. You may ask yourself what she is doing there if the castle is that scary but this girl is there because of some personal reasons. Rebecca had an aunt that is late now. She loved her aunt very much and now when her aunt is looking for some help, Rebecca will do everything in order to help her. The aunt comes every night to Rebecca's dreams, telling her that she simply can't find her way.

    Things function little bit different in that world, the world of shadows and death but Rebecca will try to figure out what is going on with her aunt. She believes that the aunt is actually in the abandoned castle, together with the other lost souls who are looking for their way out, their way to redemption.

    That's why this girl has decided to get into the castle, no matter how scary it is, and try to find the solution, to find out how could she help her aunt, but also to help the other souls that are closed in the castle, also looking for their way out. Let's help Rebecca and the lost souls leave this castle and feel free once again.


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    Castle of Lost Souls

    Genres: Mystery | Scary
    Played: 165,678
    Published on: 30.01.2017
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    jackfrost (4 years ago):
    mabby (6 years ago):
    The game is great, but please, lets Zuma come back!!!!! Thanks h4f
    Annamarie (7 years ago):
    open open i want to play
    Annamarie (7 years ago):
    ****s if it take so long
    Annamarie (7 years ago):
    how long must a persone wait to be open

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