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    Lucky Dog
    It is true that dog's are man's best friends. Many people that have pets could confirm that, always telling that they have a great understanding with them so they love them really much. They often compare the friendship with human friendships adding that sometimes the animals could be even more thankful than people, showing their gratitude every time they can. That's why people are very sad when they lose a pet. When the dog dies, it is like a friend has lost his life and it is same in case that our dog disappears. Sometimes the animals leave their owners but sometimes someone else is responsible for their disappearing.

    There are people who don't care about the owners of the animal and they steal animals without having any regret while the owners of the animals feel like they've lost a friend.

    Willie had his dog Jeff for a certain period of time. Both of them managed to build an excellent relationship together and they loved each other very much. Unfortunately one day Jeff has disappeared, so Willie is very sad and worried at the moment. He can't stop thinking about his best friend so he has to find him as soon as he can. That's why he needs a little help from you, let's search together and help Willie find his beloved pet.


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    Lucky Dog

    Genres: Pets
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    Published on: 01.02.2017
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    jackfrost (4 years ago):
    admin (7 years ago):
    Hi to all,
    Thanks for playing our games and giving feedback.
    @algarita, we want to explain the situation with new type of games.
    - Before one month Google Chrome discontinue active flash in browser so the new players will not see old games if they do not enable it in the browser and it is not technically easy to do this.
    - Google also discontinue the support for flash ads also.
    - Because Flash games will not be supported on-line in browsers we changed in cross-platform HTML5 Games.
    - HTML5 games are very new technology compared with flash games.
    We are very sorry that we can not continue development of new Flash games like before because it will not be supported in future in browsers.
    What we are doing so far? We successfully implemented new technology.
    - We fixed most critical issues in games like loading. Some of the games are larger in size now because of HTML5 technology.
    - We are continuously improving and fixing remaining issues and soon all will be like before.
    We know you guys are NOT here for the ads but our sponsors make us going since we do not have payment or Club Members yes with paid plans. Soon we will have Club Members (paid) that can disable all ads in 1500 games so far. Also club members will have access to many premium games that will be available only to club members..
    For now it is free games and we have not other income but soon will have many more games and many options with and without ads and additional premium games.
    Thanks for playing hidden4fun games Wink
    algarita (7 years ago):
    Was not happy with game and by do you now have ad in the middle of games? I understand we must grow But the very people that have played both of Hidden4fun games are getting short change black screen, games that want come up, ad that are there bonus games that are fake So I give you the chance to explain to people that play both of your why we should not look for other games even if we love these ????????????????????????????????????????????Your answer please and know fake answer
    Two-Bears (7 years ago):
    The find the difference game on 2nd level has an extra difference, so 11 instead of 10. I also miss zuma as one of the bonus games.
    Annamarie (7 years ago):
    why do it take so long
    Annamarie (7 years ago):
    open please open the game
    Annamarie (7 years ago):
    Love these games but all ways stop in middel fr loading and then you must wait more the 3 ur 4 min`s

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