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    The Cursed Horseman
    We could never be sure in what to believe when it comes to those paranormal happenings that sometimes appear around us. Some of those stories may be true while others are just a piece of imagination, usually created in order to explain some things that can't be explained using the common logic of things. However, there are many stories about certain persons that haven't completed their mission in life and their life suddenly ended up unexpectedly. Those persons usually come back as ghosts or other paranormal creatures that are present among us, looking for a way to find redemption for their souls or even to complete their unfinished mission.

    The action of the following game takes place in a small English city, during the 19th century. Andrew and Karen are two detectives that try to take care of those paranormal activities that happen all around us. They are real experts in their profession, experts that have solved so many problematic cases and they are invited by the citizens of this small city with aim to save the city from a certain cursed horseman. This strange sight goes after the citizens in late hours and scares them a lot so they like to find a way to continue their lives as it was before.

    Karen and Andrew are in the city together with their team of professionals and experts for paranormal activities so it is time the investigation to start right away. Let's see what is this investigation about and help the two detectives finish their job as soon as possible.


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    The Cursed Horseman

    Genres: Mystery | Scary
    Played: 115,913
    Published on: 02.02.2017
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    jackfrost (3 years ago):
    mabby (4 years ago):
    Beautiful game and story, thanks guys.
    psleeprice (4 years ago):
    I do not like commercials...especially during the games!
    Two-Bears (4 years ago):
    This comment is in regards to yesterday's explanation as to why some are still having problems. I just wanted to thank the administration for posting what the problems have been, & why. I have had no problems with this site since I let you know what server, & program I am using. Thank you again.
    franogie1 (4 years ago):
    I cant imagine after so many months you still cant fix this site...the enlargement still doesn't work and it always stop loading at the a under the word please..............

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