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    Island of Riddles
    Yes, even though we are for women equality in every sense, we have to admit that there weren't many of them. This job was actually very hard. Imagine being on an open sea for months, sometimes even for a longer period, without plain water to take care of hygiene, fighting for treasure, robbing boats, then sailing again for months in order to find a place to hide that treasure and so on. It's not that a woman can't deal with that but there are not many women in the world that choose that kind of life. However, that doesn't mean that there are no women pirates. There are women who may be even braver than man, ready to deal all kind of situations and Grace Malley is definitely one of the bravest.

    This woman pirate, Grace Malley, was the only woman who managed to get to Islands of Riddles. The trip was hard indeed but the hardest things about this island are the riddles. There is a hidden treasure on the Island of Riddles but that treasure could be found only if we solve the riddles that are written on the stones, spread all over the place.

    First it is hard to find the stones, and then, it is also very hard to solve the riddles because no one liked to share his treasure that easily. Actually no one managed to deal with this situation but now it's Grace's turn. She has passed the first step, arriving at the Island, and the next step are the stones and of course, the riddles. Let's hand out with Grace and see what is going on at this Island.


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    Island of Riddles

    Genres: Mystery | Adventure
    Played: 60,812
    Published on: 06.02.2017
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    19racerlady (6 months ago):
    Good game..thanks..
    Two-Bears (1 year ago):
    Bubble shooter is still not right.

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