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    Witness Report
    Near the center of the city there is a construction site. Ok, you may ask what could be interesting or strange about a construction site?! Just a place where buildings are built… We will explain you right away. Namely, the police are at the place. The detectives Paul and Helen are there because something unusual has happen in the construction site in late hours. Don't be afraid, it's not about a big crime; just that one man is a witness of strange moving of masked persons in the construction site.

    Usually there is no one at night there and that's why the appearance of those men seemed very strange. Few days ago certain documents have disappeared from the police station and until now, there wasn't any trace that could point out what has happen to those papers or who is responsible for their disappearance.

    Now the detectives suspect that exactly those people that were noticed at the construction site are somehow related and responsible for the disappearance of the important documents from the police station. Paul and Helen know their job very well and they believe that they will find out more about those people very soon and bring back the disappeared documents until it's too late.


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    Witness Report

    Genres: Mystery
    Played: 56,530
    Published on: 08.02.2017
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    All comments (2)
    slb1948 (3 years ago):
    Would like to see more games with bubble shooter bonus.
    psleeprice (3 years ago):
    This game gets hijacked 3/4 way through with advertisements for weight loss medication and no way to turn it off.  Not nice!  Not nice at all.