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    The Secret Wonderland
    Many of us have interesting ancestry. The events that happened in our past are often related to stories about conquering lands but Helenia's story is a story that includes a lot of mystery, and refers to really essential events, events that could influence the entire humanity. As we all know, the fight between good and evil lingers between the human existence, affecting even the roots, and that is the story about Helenia's ancestry as well.

    The land of this girl's forefathers is known as the 'Secret Wonderland' and it is about a land that is forgotten because it is well hidden from the eyes of the others. Helenia's grandfather was a real witness of the most important things that happen in this land and had a huge influence on its development. Actually, many years ago it was a land ruled by incredible peace which made the life there were calm and peaceful. Everyone wanted to live there but the things had changed one day. A terrible war started in the 'Secret Wonderland', a war between good and evil. Actually two fairies were involved in this war – the fairy of the good and the fairy of the evil, and unfortunately the war ended up in favor of evil. The citizens of this land didn't like to accept what happen so they fight for their land. Helenia's grandfather was actually the one that was leading the army of good and he was responsible for saving the land from evil.

    Helenia was very curious to find out something more about those wars so now she has arrived in the land of her forefathers, willing to find out what was happening there many years ago.


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    The Secret Wonderland

    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 10.02.2017
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    jackfrost (4 years ago):
    BluAngel (5 years ago):
    Happy 7-2017
    mabby (5 years ago):
    How do you use the play later funcion?? Thanks.
    shirleyv23 (5 years ago):
    game does not load.

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