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    Brainstorming is always a good idea. Sometimes we stay tracked in our thoughts that move in one direction and from our thoughts we can't see the right choices and make the right decisions. That is something that could happen to the best ones as well because often when we do our job we are not able to include in it another point of view, we can't 'see the forest from the trees'. In those cases someone else's idea could do miracles. It would come as refreshment in our job, making it even better, making us even more successful.

    Tina and Alan are brother and sister who work on a farm. They are really happy for their dedication and they do their job really good, always being very careful about even new step. That's why they have decided this time to invite their friends from the neighboring farms to help them with the everyday tasks they have on the farm. They do their job alone all the time but we all know that working together is more interesting.

    Tina and Alan also like their friends, who are very experienced farmers, to help them make a decision about the garden crops that should be cultivated on their farm in future. They plan to spend this day with their friends, working together, but at the same time talking about the right choices and the next steps that should be taken in order to make the farm even better. They believe that this way they will open up a field for new fresh ideas that could be successfully included in their job.


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    Farm Friends

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    Published on: 13.02.2017
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    Ward (6 years ago):
    peper is spelled p-e-p-p-e-r.
    Mil12 (7 years ago):
    Very flusterating trying to play your games anymore. I give up - I wasted 45 minutes trying to play this game - never loaded - gets almost to the end while loading, then I get a oops - error while loading - please try again.  I haven't been able to play a complete game since you've changed the game - when I finally get one - it goes about half way into the game, then just goes off back to loading game!!  

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