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    Jealousy and envy are terrible things. Many of us feel them in certain situations, simply wishing in some moment to have something that someone else has and we forget about it the next second but in some situations those feelings could go much further and cause really negative effects... In many cases those feelings lead some imponderable and immature persons to commit bad acts, even criminal acts and in particular extremes, murders... Luckily we are talking about sick people and these things don't happen often but they still happen, out of nowhere...

    Detective Harry is at the campus of Oxford. He is investigating the death of the student Mike. Everyone was surprised by this sudden death. According to the obvious evidences, Mike fell from the window of the third floor, but we have to admit that this has happen under suspicious conditions. Searching for some clues that could explain the situation more clearly, detective Harry found out that Mike's professor Nick was jealous of the bachelor thesis that the young student made, and didn't want Mike to become famous for his discovery.

    For some people this is nothing to be worry about, professors usually accept that their students are better than they are and they are happy about their success but it seems that there are some that are afraid that someone else's academic successes could put a shadow to their work... If those suspicions are true, this would be a terrible discovery and something that will threaten the whole University, but traces lead to that terrible discovery...


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    Campus Shadows

    Genres: Mystery
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    Published on: 15.02.2017
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