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    Frozen Secrets
    Each one of us has a certain secret. Sometimes that secret is something big, something that could affect other people's lives but also our secret could be as tiny as ant, something that is not important to anyone except us but we simply like to keep it just for ourselves, without sharing it with someone. However, no matter how hard we try, usually secrets come out on the surface, maybe not at the moment but after a certain period of time when they are losing their power but still, they exist and perhaps one day they could change things...

    Norma lives with a huge secret. Her secret is that big that probably there isn't such a person in the world that shares same destiny as her. No matter how strange it could sound, but Norma is actually a princes and no one should know about it. This girl comes from a royal family but because of change in the regimen in the country where she lives, her family has been expelled from there. Norma doesn't live in that place anymore but she remembers everything from her 'previous life' and of course, she likes recalling her memories about it.

    After certain period of time Norma comes back to the castle where she has grown up. She remembers the days when she lived there but also she hides herself, she doesn't like anyone to discover her big secret because that discovery could change the flow of her life in another direction, once again.


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    Frozen Secrets

    Genres: Adventure
    Played: 54,068
    Published on: 12.03.2017
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    mabby (5 years ago):
    Beautiful images, thanks h4f.