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    The Scouting Academy
    Maybe you don't know the details in case that you haven't been scouting but you probably know the main facts of this interesting activity or let's say more precisely, a movement that has an aim to support young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, so they could later play productive roles in society, with a main focus on the outdoors and survival skills. Many people have their best memories from this time of their life, which also includes finding many friends and having great fun.

    Kevin is a young scout that dreams about getting to the next level in his scout carrier and get to the highest rank, from Boy scout to Eagle scout. Kevin is now at the scout academy and his professor has made the test that will test his skills, to check out if he is really prepared to become Eagle Scout. If he manages to pass the test positively, he will get the rank but if he doesn't, he will have to exercise more and try little bit harder the next time.

    At the moment Kevin is starting the test while you are together with him and you will help him find the objects that have been hidden by his professor. It is required all object to be found, without exception and only that way he could earn that important rank. Let's work together and help Kevin complete his task perfectly.


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    The Scouting Academy

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    Published on: 13.03.2017
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    keibre (2 years ago):
    jackfrost (4 years ago):
    Two-Bears (5 years ago):
    Love, love, love this version of bubble shooter! A skilled person has no problem with this. I use it to keep my banking honed between pool tournaments.
    algarita (5 years ago):
    I love to play the Bonus game but this one ****s I play it till 10th game  then I skip it.You cannot play a game that you have know room to move to many balls bring the old bonus game back this one SUCK

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